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Is Impostor Syndrome really an unsolvable problem?

When 'work-life balance' isn't the solution we're really seeking

In academia we talk about impostor syndrome and try to normalize it through relatability. While relatibility and support is an important part of surviving the PhD, I believe there is a very unique type of rut graduate students and. I created a blogging/sharing website where students can share anonymously their trials and tribulations throughout graduate school along with how they did or didn't get through them. 

The most complicated relationship in your life: Love-Hate with your PhD subject

You might only conditionally love yourself

Trouble with authority figures

Mitigating passion, challenges, self-worth

My passion is clouded with self-doubt

Re-claim that confidence you probably had in High School

What is the script of your subconscious? Here lies the  graveyard of limiting beliefs

The ridiculousness of our thoughts can sometimes be hidden in the mind and it isn't until you see them written out that you can acknowledge they are wrong

"She's right. I'll never be able to do this on my own"

Scared to take up too much space or be a burden

What's yours and what did you pick up along the ride?

The road to success is sometimes paved with self-sabotage 

Procrastination Station

Breakups during Graduate School

"Let me tell you about this time when"

The Post-Quals Depression No One Tells You About

You thought you reached the local-peak of the mountain top only to come back down shortly thereafter

Hiding out: An effective yet very temporary solution

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