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In 2023 I started a podcast called The Orphic-- it is available on Apple, Spotify, and with video on YouTube! The show is for those curious about Astrophysics, spirituality and the fundamental connective nature of the universe.

The word "Orphic" means "beyond ordinary understanding". Alongside my co-host Mikayla, I discuss the universe, its biggest mysteries, and my insights into non-physical concepts such as consciousness and the soul evolution of astronomical bodies. In each episode we stretch beyond the comforting confines of our linear mind into knowings, realms, and information that one might say resides in other dimensions. My goal is to not only educate people about the universe, but to shake up our linear thinking patterns by expanding our minds into the untapped multi-dimensional quantum capabilities I believe we all have. 

Follow me on Instagram @interdimensional.astrophysics here!

Watch The Orphic on YouTube here
Listen on Apple Podcasts & Spotify

Podcast Appearances:
"Cosmic Convergence: Bridging Science & Spirituality with Astrophysicist Alyssa Sokol"

Bigger Than You Podcast with Jenna Holloway, December 6, 2023

"#9 ALYSSA SOKOL: The PhD Journey, the Universe & Spirituality, Academia & Mental Health"
The Curious Art of Being HumanAugust 12, 2023

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