SpaceCast with Alyssa Sokol

I've recently started a podcast for those curious about astronomy  and the universe! I discuss the universe, its biggest mysteries, and my insights into non-physical concepts that are less explored in the mainstream! The podcast occasionally features relaxed discussions with interested guests about topics of interest pertaining to astronomy and quantum physics. In each episode we stretch beyond the comforting confines of the accustomed imagination and broach topics even professional astrophysicists may not typically think about! My goal is to not only educate people about the universe, but to shake up our linear thinking patterns by expanding our minds into the untapped multi-dimensional quantum capabilities I believe we have!

#1: "Where the hell are we?" An overview of the entire observable Universe

#2:  Black Holes: What are they, where are they, and are they portals to other dimensions?

#3:  Communicating with Aliens may be easier than you think

#4: "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto": Accelerated expansion of the universe 

#5:  Why you should care about Schrodinger's maybe-dead Cat

#6:  Galaxy Collisions 

Podcast Appearances:

Starts with a Bang Podcast with Forbes Science Writer, Ethan Spiegel  

Episode 59: Active Galaxies

Podcast Link Here!