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The Orphic


I've recently started a podcast called The Orphic for those curious about astronomy, the universe, and spirituality! The word "Orphic" means "beyond ordinary understanding". I discuss the universe, its biggest mysteries, and my insights into non-physical concepts that are less explored in the mainstream like consciousness and the souls of astronomical bodies. In each episode we stretch beyond the comforting confines of the accustomed imagination and broach topics even professional astrophysicists may not typically think about! My goal is to not only educate people about the universe, but to shake up our linear thinking patterns by expanding our minds into the untapped multi-dimensional quantum capabilities I believe we have! New episodes drop every Friday!

Watch The Orphic on YouTube here
Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts

Episode 2: Glitches in the Matrix & Meeting Alyssa's ET Spirit Guides
Episode 1: Welcome to The Orphic 

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